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Seeking Employees:

Do you have a passion for fun and spook?
Please call 204-589-7314 and arrange an interview!

Interviews are usually mornings between 10am-12 noon Monday to Friday. Please call ahead to arrange an appointment. You must be 16+ to apply.


Those with their own costumes will likely be hired first.

Four Crowns Fear Factory Attraction

Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, for the whole month of October!

Four Crowns Fear Factory is walk through halloween themed attraction spanning over 3 banquet halls on two levels.

5pm - Dark Features a fun yet frightful walk-thru of a dark maze that’s kid & family friendly.

After Dark it cranks up into a much more terrifying experience for older teenagers & adults who can handle a real scare!

5pm- Dark (Family Friendly) $9

After Dark - Midnight (Much Scarier) $15

$1 of each ticket sold goes to The Dream Factory in support of making sicks kid's dreams come true.   


As a special give back, we have invited The Dream Factory, Never Alone Foundation and Team Brody Foundation families to walk through before open, free of charge.                              

*Covid 19 Update

After discussing this walk through with our Manitoba Health Inspector we have decided to go ahead with this event with EXTREME covid friendly rules.

Although our halls can normally hold around 600 people, we are only allowing groups of 5 to walk through, with a maximum of 5 groups in the building at once (or maximum of 10 people walking through 1 banquet hall at a time). Groups may not start until the group in front of them hits a check point, at which we will allow another group in. Groups in the maze will be distanced qt least 5 to 10 meters apart if not more.

There is no stopping, mingling or gathering. The groups keep moving in through the maze and right back out the door on a one way path.

All high touch points like the hotel front doors will constantly be sanitized by staff. All people, regardless of age must wear a mask and sanitize their hands before coming inside. Anyone with cold symptoms will be asked to leave immediately.

Pylons will be set up outside to ensure groups and individuals are social distancing. There will be no groups waiting inside.

This year, this event will have no physical touch scares and will have no areas where people have to touch anything. Doors will be wedged open and people will be able to keep hands only to themselves.

We look forward to moving forward with this event in a respectful and safe way for all!

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