4 Venues to choose from

Weddings, Fundraisers, Socials, Showers, Reveals, Pay Per Views, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Meetings…

440 Event Halls - 440 people

Combine our Large Event Hall with our adjacent Medium Event hall to have a capacity of 440 people. This is a popular option for socials

Large Event Hall - 100-350 people

Brand New Hall as of September 2019!

Legal capacity 340 people

Seated Capacity 250 while leaving a decent dance floor space

Seated Capacity with no dance floor 300 (at 10 people per 5 ft round table)

Hall is approximately 60ft x 75 ft for a total of 4,500 square feet

Main stage is approximately 9ft x 35ft

Optional LED room perimeter colour lighting & dance floor lights 200.00 (red, purple, green, blue, yellow)

Optional Microphone and Podium 

Optional Two Projector Screens 

Optional White Backdrop 12ft x 10ft 

Medium Event Hall - 90 people

Legal capacity 90 people

Seated Table Capacity 60-70 people

Presentation rows of chairs capacity 90 people

Optional Microphone and Podium

Optional White Backdrop 12ft x 10ft

Main Floor Private Event Hall / Cafe - 130 people

Legal capacity 165 people

Seated Capacity 90-110 people with a dance floor

Seated Capacity with no dance floor 120 people

Room has a stage, dance floor and large corner bar

Optional Microphone and Podium

Optional One Projector & 2 TVs with HDMI connection

Optional Dance floor lighting

Optional White Backdrop 12ft x 10ft

Four Crowns Restaurant & Bar - 150 people

This is our full service family restaurant. This is an excellent venue for booking fundraisers, release parties, birthdays and so on! The great part of this room is we generally 

Legal capacity 150 people

Seated Table Capacity 85 people

Room has a stage, dance floor and large corner bar

Optional Microphone and Podium

Optional Dance floor lighting

Optional White Backdrop 12ft x 10ft

Our Features

Excellent Parking

Custom Coloured Room LED Lighting

440 Person Capacity

Dance Floor Lighting

Large Dance Floor

Full Stereo Available

We take care of Set up and Clean up

Large Band/DJ Ready Stage

Fully Stocked Bar Huge Parking Lot

On Site Security

Very Clean Facilities

Full Service Catering

Exceptional Catering & Beverage Service

Our food is top notch! Our in-house kitchen is operated by amazing chefs with capabilities to spice up your meals with any customization you are looking for. We have in house catering with meals for every budget ranging from approximately $25 to $75 per person. We can do anything from buffets, to family style settings, to full plated service. We can set up a meeting with you and our chef to discuss meal options and a budget that suits your needs.


We provide full bar service which means that all popular drinks, cocktails, coolers and beers can be available. We also use professional bartenders who keep the party moving steadily.

Specializing in




Corporate Events

Pay Per View Events


Formal Dinners

Wedding Socials

Fundraising Socials

CD Release Parties

Board Meetings Breakfast

Lunch Meetings


Breakfast a la Carte Menu

50+ people Required. Pricing below per person.

Muffin or croissant (1 served per person)  2.75

Assorted bagels with cream cheese (1 served per person)  2.79

Fruit platter (1 platter serves 10 people)  4.25

Fresh scrambled eggs tray  4.00

Ham/bacon/sausage tray (portioned 3 pieces per person)  4.00

Savoury cubed hash browns tray  2.25

Pancakes Tray (portioned 2 per person)  4.50

All hot Trays are served buffet style


Snacks & Lunch a la Carte Menu

50+ people Required. Pricing below per person.

Assorted cookies  2.25

Assorted fruit  4.50

Assorted sandwiches  7.50

Assorted tortilla wraps  8.00

Assorted crackers / cheese and pickles  4.00

Assorted buns & butter 2.00



Water and glasses stand set up  40.00

Coffee, tea and decaf coffee station with creamers  2.75 per person

Bottled water  2.75 each

Orange Juice or cranberry pitcher  8.50 each

Pop Pitchers  8.85 each

Can Drinks  2.75 each

Hors d'Oeuvres

Priced per dozen


Devilled eggs 24.00

Smoked salmon with herbed cream cheese on cracker 24.00

Crackers with spinach dip and tomato 19.00

Meatballs (choice of sauce) 24.00

Mini chicken skewer (choice of sauce) 24.00

Wings (Hot, BBQ, Sweet Chili) 19.00

Quesadilla Bites 22.00

Shrimp cocktail 24.00

Chicken/Pork mini kebab 24.00


Lunch & Dinner Menu

Based on 100+ persons. Priced per person.


Basic Entrée Protein / Base $11.00

Oven Roasted Chicken

House Cooked Roast Beef

Meat Balls

Cabbage Rolls

Pork Chops


Premium Entree Protein / Base $16.00

Chicken Cordon Blue

Seasoned Chicken Breast

Jerk Roast Chicken

Chicken Parmesan

Oven Roasted Ham

Roasted Turkey

Pork Skewers

Chicken Skewers


Vegetables $8.00

Glazed Carrots

Corn and Peas

Bean Medley

Seasonal Mixed Vegetables



Caesar Salad $4.00

House Salad $4.00

Greek Salad $5.00


Starch $5.00

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Roast Potatoes

Garlic Fried Potato Wedges


Add On Items

Perogies (2) with sauteed Onions $4.00

Meatballs (2) $4.00

Coleslaw $1.50

Assorted Buns $1.00


Vegetarian Options $24.95

Vegetarian Stir fry on Basmati Rice

Vegetarian penne pasta and garlic bread


Vegan Options $24.95

Vegetarian stir fry on basmati rice

Salad with Cranberry, Avocado, Red Pepper Salad with Poppyseed dressing


Gluten Free $24.95

Sliced Chicken Breast over a salad with cranberry, avocado, red pepper salad with poppyseed dressing. Other options available.


Children (3-12yrs) 15.95 per person

Chicken fingers (4) & fries with honey dill sauce.

Cheese Quesadilla with fries

Children (3-12yrs) can also enjoy the dinner buffet at a

$5 discount per plate.



Late Night Food

Priced per person


Mashed Potato Bar 8.00

Fluffy mashed potatoes accompanied with brown gravy, complemented with fresh topping: sour cream, bacon bits, green onions and shredded cheese


Poutine Bar 12.00

Savoury golden fries, brown gravy, shredded cheese and green onions


Poutine Extreme Bar 15.00

Savoury golden fries, brown gravy, shredded cheese, bacon, tomatoes and green onions



Nacho Bar 15.00

Crisp tri-coloured corn chips served with your favourite array of toppings: Taco Beef, nacho cheese, diced tomatoes, green onions, salsa, sour cream, black olives and jalapenos

PST, GST and gratuity are extra. Please be advised that prices, services, products, and events may change without notice due to covid and/or restrictions.

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