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Winnipeg's Hottest Wings Challenge

in support of The Dream Factory


We are holding Hot Wing Eating Contests once a month! We are doing this purely for Ego and to raise money for Dream Factory, in support of helping to support sick kids and their families and trying to make their dreams come true! To enter you must make a donation on competition day of $20 per contestant. 

Here's how it works:

All contestants must be over the age of 18, and must not consume drugs or alcohol 48 hours before the contest. Contestants must be sober and able to sign a waiver. Valid government issued photo ID is required for the waiver. This is an extreme hot wing competition. No ifs ands or buts. If you do not have experience with hot food, please do not enter. You will be eating one wing at a time, with a timed gap in between. The first one to tap out loses. Wings must be eaten right to the bone within 20 seconds. You can be disqualified if you wipe off any of the sauce, if there is too much meat on left the bone, and/or if you drink anything. There will be an approximate one minute wait after the initial 20 seconds before you may start the next wing. The minute may be more or less, depending on how the contest is going. Do not challenge yourself more than necessary as we do not want you getting hurt. There is no shame in giving up, as it takes guts to enter in the first place. If there ends up being a tie, we will do a race to break the tie. As this will be an ongoing event, the winner is allowed to defend their title and coming events.


The event will be filmed and photographed for media and social media use. Bring your cheering squad! If your guests need a reservation please be sure to let them book a table at 204-589-7314. Social distancing will be in effect so please remain at your tables until called up. Make sure you do not touch your eyes, nose or other sensitive body parts after consuming these wings.You are welcome to bring your own latex/rubber gloves if you like.


Contestants please arrive at 8pm. Contest begins at approximately 9pm.


1st Place wins the title of Winnipeg's Hottest Wing Challenege Winner! This title may be defended, but that's up to you. If you do not show up to following events, you will keep your title for your competition date, but a new winner will be chosen for future events.

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Hot Wing Challenge Registration

Thank you for registering with us! Contestants must arrive at 8pm on competition day. You may make table reservations at 204-589-7314. Be sure to bring valid government issued photo ID on competition day.

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