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Welcome to Four Crowns Drive-in Movie Nights!

We have partnered up with Bulldog Outdoor Movies to bring you covid safe outdoor movie events! The large outdoor screen is located in the parking lot and you simply listen to the movie by tuning in on your vehicle's FM radio.


Also, we make food and drink deliveries right to your car! No outside food or beverages allowed. Please note that alcohol & drugs are strictly prohibited from being consumed on the parking lot, or you will be guided out immediately. 


Police and Liquor inspectors are expected be visiting, and our security will be very present to ensure a safe, family friendly event for everyone. 


Arrival Time & Parking Arrangements

- Please arrive around 6:15pm-6:30pm for parking arrangements.


- Please note parking is on a first come/first serve basis.


- The first two rows will be mostly be reserved for lower vehicles and cars. The last rows will be used for vans, SUVs and Trucks.

Food Service


- Please see our limited event pre-order menu on this page.

- Pre-orders are to be in 1 day before the event by calling 204-589-7314 extension '0'.


- We will call your phone number when your pre-order is ready to pick up in the hotel lobby. 

When placing your pre-order, please leave us your:

Phone Number

Vehicle Colour

Vehicle Type

License Plate #

Please note we are not allowed to have anyone enter the building other than for picking up take out food orders.

We are unfortunately not allowed to have the public use our washrooms due to covid laws. 


Event Notes, Rules & Covid Restrictions

- Be sure to bring proof of your Eventbrite ticket purchase so you can claim your spot.


- Cars and lower vehicles will be parked closer toward the screen, while SUVs, Trucks, and Vans will be parked toward the back rows. Parking is first come first serve.  

- Due to covid we will not have washrooms available and we are not allowed to open our doors to the public. Please remind your kids to use the washroom at home before coming.

- Guests will have to stay inside their vehicles, and are not allowed to gather in the parking lot or inside the building. Gatherings are a fineable offence by the city at this time.

- Please note due to capacity issues, we will not giving refunds if you choose to cancel.

- We will refund your money if we have to cancel the event due to weather issues or covid issues.

We understand this is a bit more expensive than regular drive in sites. This is a pop up event, and equipment rental fees and set up are a lot higher than if we owned this equipment and it was permanently in place. Due to covid, and no washroom facilities, we are only showing one movie per night. 

Drive In Pre-Order Menu

Note: Pre-orders will be delivered to vehicles within the first 45 minutes of the event, and you may order off the regular takeout menus after that here

When placing your pre-order, please leave us your:

Phone Number

Vehicle Colour

Vehicle Type

License Plate #


Nachos with Chicken to share $21

With mozza cheese, tomatoes, jalapenos, green onions, black olives, sides of salsa & sour cream

Royal Burger & Fries $16

Our 7oz beef patty, lettuce, mayo, tomato, BBQ sauce, cheddar, onion rings, pickles, bacon, finished with ranch dressing

Crispy Chicken Burger & Fries $16

Crispy chicken patty, mayo, lettuce, tomato.

XL Poutine $14

Extra large serving of homemade fries, gravy and mozza.

Chicken Strips & Fries $14

Freshly cooked strips, home battered, fries, honey dill or wing sauce

Onion Rings $11
Rings with seasoning salt, drizzled with chipotle sauce

Buffalo Chicken Wings $13

1 pound of our Famous breaded and fried wings

Grilled Chicken Wrap & Fries $14

Mixed cheese, diced grilled chicken, mayo, lettuce, tomato, green onion, fries

Sweet Potato Fries & Chipotle Sauce   7

2 Mama’s Jamaican Beef Patties 14

Two authentic and tender flake crusted beef patties.


Hot Chocolate $3.25
Large Fresh Homemade Lemonade $5.75

Bottle Water $2.50

Can 7-Up $2.25
Can Pepsi $2.25


Taxes are extra

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